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Pro Translasi  is an official translation agency with more than 8 years of experience, providing translation services to more than 3,700 clients both from domestic and abroad. Our motto is delivering prime quality with reasonable price. Premium quality translation with professional services has become the motivation of all our team members. For the sake of client satisfaction, we also provide the services with reasonable price. With the experience of handling more than 4,000 projects that we have completed, we continue to strive providing the best service to all our clients, for the success of their business. We have trained and skilled translators in translating various fields ranging from medicine, IT (Information Technology), education/pedagogy, finance, computers, law, engineering, games/video games, manufacturing, business/commerce, accounting, advertising, public relations, agriculture, film, TV, drama, economics, telecommunications, tourism and travel, internet, e-commerce, management, marketing, multimedia, computers: systems, networks, science, social sciences, and others. Our team is also familiar with various CAT Tools such as SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, Wordfast, Smartcat, OmegaT, SDL Passolo, etc. in completing various translation projects.

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Providing prime quality translation with reasonable price

Having the experiences of completing more than 3.7000 translation projects

The translation service is performed Profesionally, Accurately, dan Reliably

We apply TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) procedure for every project

Having the experience of translating various projects for more than 8 years

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Our project is completed quickly, before the deadline, and they provide swift response.
Ms. Rahmasari
City Government of Surabaya
Thank you very much Pro Translasi, they provide on time delivery, and excellent translation. It is great to cooperate with your company.
Mr. Tony
PT. Sama Sama Sukses, Tangerang
I have well received the result. It is a great and very good translation. Thank you.
Translation WorldA good and correct translation must go through difficult process, including both in English Indonesian translation service and Indonesian English translation service. It is because the language is not only related to vocabulary and grammar, but also contains elements of feeling, thoughts, mind, and values. A good translator, including Indonesian translator, starts from the ability of a translator to find the right meaning of words, do the research, understand the form and meaning of idiomatic and non-idiomatic phrases, understand the meaning of sentences through syntactic structures, recognize and understand rhetorical structures, and the ability to read critically.

In addition, a good English translator and Indonesian translator also see the type of document being translated, whether it is , translating legal and official documents, business letters, scientific journals, news, novels, poems, software, mobile application, and various other materials. Surely, the use of words and sentences will differ according to the purpose and background of the writer in expressing or conveying information or ideas. Therefore, the translator needs to have enough references to determine the right sentence in translating each different document. English to Indonesian translator and Indonesian to English translator have to produce quality translations.

It is important to understand what translating activities actually are. In simple terms, translating can be interpreted as communicating the meaning of one language (source) to another language (target). In contrast to interpreters, translating refers to the activity of translating written information. It is not always necessarily easy to do.

Talking about translating, it is not merely about how you can change an English word into Indonesian. Either translating or interpreting is how you explain one culture to another using the right words. Based on these thoughts, absolutely translating is not as easy as most people think. We talk about culture and it has many aspects that must be studied.

Being a translator means understanding the source of presented writing. Then you will be able to produce good readability translations and feel like compelling meaning in the target language, including in Indonesian English translation service and English Indonesian translation service.

Seeing strange translation when it is read? That is a sign that the translator does not really understand the material. So, how can you explain the purpose of reading in the native language? Sure, the answer is to do research, reading, and study. It is important not to translate one word at a time only, but to understand the meaning and make a new sentence of your version (based on your understanding we have got from search and study).

It is important to do research or study of a topic in native language and target language. English Indonesian translator and Indonesian English translator also need to do this.

In addition, it is also important to knowing who the readers are. When translating a material, you are required to pay attention to punctuation, sentence structure, diction, and other writing rules. On the other hand, just like writing, knowing the readers will greatly facilitate the translation process including to determine the style of language, tone, and choice of standard or non-standard words. English Indonesian translator and Indonesian English translator also need to know the context. Language has an important role for a translator. The language itself can be said as a device to communicate. Language is culture. Therefore, it is very important for translators to understand the context or purpose of translation source.

For translators and English Indonesian translation service and Indonesian English translation service provider, it is also important to create glossary. A glossary is a list of word terms. Making your own glossary of terms related to translation topic will improve the consistency of your translation results and save time. It is very important for a translator to build this glossary. It will be helpful for another project in the future. We can also build our glossary in portal like or TM Town. Now, it is easy for us to manage our glossary or multiterms. SDL Multiterm can also be a helpful tool for this. All of these facilities can be used by English Indonesian translator and Indonesian English translator.

Another important thing is again to search and understand meaning. A word if juxtaposed with another word may not necessarily have the same meaning as before. Especially, if the words have been formed into phrases, sentences, paragraphs, until one whole reading. There is always the possibility the passage has an implied meaning. Therefore, always understand other implied goals from the source of your translation such as whether this reading should maintain certain emotional aspects of the reader or maintain an atmosphere for the reader.

The last, the important to pay attention for translators, including English Indonesian translator and Indonesian English translator, is that Practice makes a Better Translator. Do practice a lot. Continue to train yourself to translate any materials to add experiences and hone your skills.

Now, if you need English Indonesian translation service and Indonesian English translation service, contact our team now.

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