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  • Providing prime quality translation with reasonable price
  • Having the experiences of completing more than 3.7000 translation projects
  • The translation service is performed Profesionally, Accurately, dan Reliably
  • We apply TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) procedure for every project.
  • Having the experience of translating various projects for more than 8 years
  • Delivery time can be adjusted to your needs
  • Special discounts and special offer
  • Make the payment after we deliver the target language
  • Free of charge when another review is required

Our Clients

More than 3.000 Clients Which cooperation with Us. And Still Continue to Grow.




PRO TRANSLASI translation service ready to provide your needs of translation file. Our office have experienced more than 6 years translated various type of documents, either companies circles (domestic or abroad), Professionals, academics, personal as well. From companies circles, hundreds of them satisfied with our translation services from our Team. Some of documents that usually translated like deed of agreement, deed of incorporation, cooperation agreement, manual books, annual report, financial statement, SOP, company regulation, ISO Certificate, and Et Cetera.
For Professionals, some files that we translate are conversation & Interview transcript, song, manual books, film, training module, laws,government regulations, presidential decree, presidential regulation, presidential instruction, minister regulations, minister decree, governor regulation, dan Et Cetera. Many types of this constitution regulations ofter translated by companies, spesifically foreign corporation. For Personal client, documents that usually translated such as articles, book, speech,abtract, private documents which use sworn translator services such as diploma, score, Certificate, family card, ID card, Deed of Married, Driving License, divorce papers, and Et Cetera, include international Journal from University such as Indonesia University (UI) in Jakarta dan Depok, ITB in Bandung, IPB in Bogor, Gadjah mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Padjajaran University (Unpad), Diponegoro University in Semarang, Airlangga University in Surabaya, Brawijawa University in Malang, Jember University, Udayana University in Bali, Sumatra Utara University, Riau University, Hasannudin University in Makassar, ITS, Include university Ex-IKIP such as State University of Jakarta, State University of Solo, State University of Surabaya, State University of Malang, Pendidikan Indonesia University, Et Cetera, and certainly private university such as Gunadarma University, Parahyangan University, Muhammadiyah Malang University, Etc, that we cannot mention one by one. Even in some Campus, we have some regular clients to translate International Journal, which we cooperated with journal coordiator in that campus. For International journal Translation Services, include corporation Translation Services, Our Team translated various types of documents that came from various disciplines, such as social, Sains, Engineering, Medical, farms, fishery, agricultures, educations, political, culture, chemistry, biology, physics, Accounting, Management and finance, advertising, bussiness, and Etc.
We have experienced translator Staff. To handle a lot of translation projects, Our office have 7 inhouse staff. For off-hours, we also have administrative staff who ready to serving clients 24 hours. Besides inhouse staff, we also have many freelancer, that we selected from many other who sent application to Us. Our Staff ready and able cooperation in a solid team go provide translation services which meet client expectation, include translation services online, translate service english, and affordable transtlation services with clients for many cities in Indonesia.
To support translation services dan to maintain quality, our team also have ability to operating CAT TOOL. CAT TOOL that we use SDL TRADOS 2017. We use this application espesially for international clients or to translate that needs accuration and constancy of high level language such as manual, website, software, a lot of pages books, subtitle and Etc.
We, PRO TRANSLASI, ready to help You for translate any kind of documents with qualited result, swift, trusted, with affordable prices. Our Team ready to help you with interpreter services using simultaneously dan consecutive method. Our team became interpreter for someone who came from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, India, Japan, Scotland, German, France, and Italia


We accept Project Translations from various industrial. For Example.

  • Energy

  • Pharmacy

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Health & Psychiatric

  • Consumer Products

  • Financial Services

  • Software & Hardware

  • Internet

  • Retail

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Culture & Non Profit

  • Other Industry

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